A Gamers Guide To Who I Follow

I thought it would be fun to comment on a few of the industry folk that I follow (and occasionally nag, from time-to-time) on Twitter:

Julian Gollop @julian_gollop – Creator of two of my favourite strategy games on the ZX Spectrum, and one of Britain’s greatest videogame designers.

Terry Prachett – @terryandrob – Genius British author. Love his books, loved his games – hope he’ll allow someone to reboot the Discworld franchise – though there is an “app” (whatever that means) planned.

Gary Bracey – @gbracey – Former Head of Development at Manchester’s Ocean Software – one of Britain’s former videogame developers and publishers.

John Wilson – @RochBalrog – The Rochdale “Balrog” – I stumbled on the text adventures of Bulbo mainly due to their appearance on a magazine cover tape. Will he return?

Ian Stewart – @IanStewart10 – Founder of Gremlin Graphics in Sheffield, and one of my heroes.

Andy Payne – @PercyBlakeney63 – I admire Andy incredibly, and for all he has achieved in games, he has time and advice for everyone. They don’t give OBEs out to just anyone …. unless you give The Labour Party a lot of money. And he didn’t.

Stuart Fotheringham – @StooMonster – A recent addition to my twitter list. Owns megatree.com which should give the retro gaming readers amongst you some indication of why Stuart is so important to our gaming heritage.

The Pickford Brothers – @PickfordBros – Still creating amazing games (Feud is a favourite of mine) and always have interesting points-of-view. Ste and John have their own personal accounts too.

Fergus McNeil – @fergusmcneill – Creator of several text adventures, and the important Delta 4 software label. Expect me to continue hassling him to write The Big Sleaze 2.

Dino Dini – @dndn1011 – Lovely surprise to see Dino at Play Expo earlier this year. Creator of Kick Off – I hope that he brings back the franchise to a new audience. Blimey, tablets need a decent football game.

Jon Romero – @romero – Founding fathers of Id Software. Changed the world with Doom!

Jordan Mechner – @jmechner – I was never really a Prince of Persia fan, though I adored The Last Express, and admired Jordan for having the guts and ambition to release such an ambitious and original title. Grab it on iOS!

David Darling – @daviddarlinguk – Would have loved to have been able to involve David with Games Britannia. His experience and vision with Codemasters would been an inspiration for many children. Another British icon.

Paul Porter – @paulportersumo – Studio Head at SUMO Digital in Sheffield. Paul allowed SUMO to grab Games Britannia with both hands and really support the project. So important to have this local (and brilliant) company involved to inspire Rotherham and Sheffield children.

Charles Cecil – @CharlesCecil – Broken Sword. Sparked my interest in Templar history long before Dan Brown and Baigent and Leigh. Another hero and legend.

Steve Lycett – @S0LSUM0 – Executive Producer at SUMO Digital and one of the nicest people I’ve ever met. I’ve huge respect for Steve, and owe him so much.

David Braben – @DavidBraben – Elite. The reason I love computers and games. God.

Jeff Minter – @llamasoft_ox – The “Yak”. I was a Speccy child so came to Jeff’s surreal genius late in the game, but glad I did. Made the beige bread bin sing and is still doing great and neon things on iOS.

Ron Gilbert – @grumpygamer – Monkey Island. Need to know anything else?

Tim Schafer – @TimOfLegend – More adventuring. Tim’s Grim Fandango is one of the best games of all time. His new game, The Cave looks amazing.
Kevin Toms – @KevinToms – Kevin created Football Manager, and through Games Britannia I finally got to ask him on behalf of my 10-year-old self, why the Acorn Electron version didn’t have in-game graphics. A delightful and friendly legend of a man.

Peter Molyneux – @pmolyneux – Do I admit that I’ve never had many of Peter’s games? Even so, his influence and legacy as one of Britain’s greatest videogame stars is huge.

Miles Jacobson – @milesSI – Studio Head at SI Games, continuing to deliver computer football goodness all over the world. Again, for someone in such a position, I found Miles one of the nicest (and interesting) people I’ve ever met.

Julian Rignall – @JazRignall – Again, from being a Speccy lad I didn’t have to heed “Jaz”‘s words of wisdom from the fabled Commodore 64 magazine ZZap!64. I would though, glance through many of my friend’s issues with a pang of jealously.  Didn’t hesitate to help on the Games Britannia magazine, which was a massive honour.

Hermann Hauser – @hermannhauser – “Founded Acorn Computers” is a throwaway line in his company bio, but in the history of computers and the British videogame/computing industry in particularly Hauser is a creationary figure. Find the BBC’s “Micro Men” online and watch it!

From Bedrooms To Billions – @FromBedrooms – Anthony and Nicola Caulfield’s documentary project about the British videogame industry. Had a successful Indiegogo campaign to raise funds, and is set for release in 2013. Free to schools too – which is just brilliant.

Dominik Diamond – @DominikDiamond – Legendary GamesMaster front-man. Would be great to see a prime time games programme back on air.

Tony Crowther – @Ratt2007 – Blagger, Monty Mole, Potty Pigeon … and still one of the best coders we have. Now residing at SUMO and tweets once a year.

Tony Warriner – @tonywarriner – Co-Founder of Revolution with Charles Cecil. Hopefully will get to meet Tony soon.

Ian Livingstone – @ian_livingstone – Where to start with Ian’s achievements? Another true childhood hero of mine, and an absolute ambition fulfilled to meet (and work with) him. I adored Fighting Fantasy as a teenage and would religiously play and map the books each week from the local library. Ian is one of the driving forces behind the NextGen campaign and a true inspiration.

Tristan Donovan – @tristandonovan – Tristan penned one of the few books about videogame history to include a good slice of British information. Very kindly donated an article to the Games Britannia newspaper too.

Lee Kirton – @Leearigold – PR Director at Namco. Bloody funny and brilliant bloke. Though gives lousy directions.

Mike Dailly – @mdf200 – British co-creator of Lemmings and Grand Theft Auto. His blog has some fascinating insights into the development of those two amazing titles. Now working on Game Maker.

Bruce Grove – @BrooseG – Head honcho for OnLive UK which went through a rather rocky patch earlier this year. Bruce gave a lot of his time for kids at GB (and other festivals) and for that I have plenty of thanks.


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