An Indie Gamers Guide To Who I Follow

A follow-up to my previous post – some great indie folk:

Theodor Waern – @theowaern – Currently working on the Grim Fandango inspired The Journey Down.

Chris Wild – @icemark – Working on Lords of Midnight on iOS

Dan Marshall – @danthat – Award-winning designer of Ben There, Dan That! and the amazing looking The Swindle, currently in development.

Vlambeer – @Vlambeer – Super Crate Box.

Bossa Studios – @bossastudios – Based in London, creator of Facebook games, including Monstermax and Merlin.

Sandy Duncan – @lordoftheyoyo – Co-founder of YoYo GamesĀ  – friend of Games Britannia.

Han Solo Adventures – @hansadventures – If LucasArts had added a Star Wars 2D Adventure game to its Scumm roster …

Andy Schatz – @andyschatz – Creator of the much anticipated stealth game Monaco Is Mine.

Brian Provinciano – @BriProv – Creator of Retro City Rampage.

Andy Esser – @LeadHyperion – Indie programmer and IndieCity tinkerer.

Mark Overmars – @mark_overmars – Game Maker founder.

Games Faction – @gamesfaction -Sheffield based indie studio.

James Woodrow – @the3dwoody -Top man at Utopian World of Sandwiches. Questionable beard.

Ric Lumb – @cartoonsbyRic – Great chap, supported Games Britannia and brought his lovely remade Monty Mole graphics with him.

Matthew Applegate – @Pixelh8 -Fantastic educationalist, and creative spark behind Ocarbot.

Andrew Smith – @SpiltMilkStudio – Creator of Hard Lines, though I’m still waiting for the EDU version.

Peter Collier – @pete_collier – Formerly Bizarre Creations, and founder of Hogrocket – posts a few great reads on game design. Grab Tiny Invaders for iOS.

Jonathan Needle – @jonathan_needle – Creator of the best Speccy emulator on Windows and iOS.

Hotline Miami – @HotlineMiami -Cult indie game – shows that Game Maker can be used for top class games programming.

Introversion Software – @IVSoftware -Anyone who would like to experience the ups and downs of an indie studio should read the history of Introversion. Back almost from the dead they are now motoring forward from the brilliant Darwinia and DEFCON to Prison Architect.

Adam “Atomic” Saltzman – @ADAMATOMIC – Created the seminal Canabalt, and the fantastic actionscript game framework Flixel. I had the pleasure of meeting Adam at GameCity 7 this year. What a decent bloke, even if he is American.

Richard Davey – @photonstorm – Former Flixel and flash guru, Richard has moved onto HTML5 with a vengeance.

Super Giant Games – @SupergiantGames – Bastion. Buy it.

Jon Ingold – @joningold – Super-nice chap, founder of Inkle Studios and has a love of interactive fiction – which is a favourite genre of mine. The Inkle Writer for schools is such a brilliant tool. Currently developing a Fighting Fantasy app for Sorcery! though I keep insisting that

Gunpoint Game – @GunpointGame – Another anticipated stealth title coded in Game Maker.

Mitu Khandaker – @MituK – One-woman development force, and a great voice in the indie community.

Iain Lobb – @iainlobb – Multi-skilled indie developer. His latest creation, Super Gun Kids looks brilliant.

Terry Cavanagh – @terrycavanagh – Influential British indie. Has recently made one of the hardest games known to man – Super Hexagon.

Dave Gilbert – @WadjetEyeGames – Another creator of brilliant 2D point and click adventures.

Mike Bithell – @mikeBithell – Bossa Studios in the day, caped thomas-was-alone creator at night. Genuine nice guy.

Jamie Woodhouse – @mrqwak – When will Sheffield’s Jamie bring out Retro Racing 2?

Adam Russell & John Sear – @wearewallFour – Big screen video games for over 100 people? Yes please.

Fee Stewart – @FeetheGiraffe – Wonderful 2D artist and animator.

Team 17 – @Team17Ltd – Legendary creators of the Worms franchise. Great Britain 16-bit heritage.

Simon Barratt – @barog – FourDoorLemon.

Markus Persson – @notch – Minecraft has just sold it’s 8,000,000 copy on PC …

Game Republic – @gamerepublic – Industry led network for Yorkshire, with Jamie “Seffers” Sefton @Seffers007 as MD.

Ashley Brown – @arctic_sunrise – “Experience Designer”, App creator and inspirational educator. Top man.

Darren Garrett – @MrDarrenGarrett – Creative Director of Littleloud – responsible for some fine “serious” gaming.

Andrew Cranshaw – @andrewcrawshaw – Yorkshire indie, working really hard to bring people together and drive forward our local community.

Adam Clay – @adampaulclay – Artist at Sheffield’s Team Cooper. Designed some wonderful workshop assets for Games Britannia and inspired many kids.

Emma Cooper – @em_cooper – Community Manager and official Wine Drinker for Team Cooper in Sheffield.

John Krajewski – @StrangeLoopGame – Vessel. Wonderful steam-punk style game with great physics and fluids on PC.

Jasper Byrne – @JasperByrne – More adventuring.

Sarah Lacy – @sarahofsandwich – Designer at Utopian World of Sandwiches.

Shindig – @shindigdev – Sheffield Indie group.

Daniel Sperl – @PrimaryFeather – Creator of the Starling and Sparrow game frameworks.

Alex Warren – @alexwarren – Developer of Quest, a free text-adventure creator on several platforms.



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