County Councillor Alan Rhodes Responds …

Only yesterday did I pen an e-mail to County Cllr Alan Rhodes in a hope that he utilises some of the £10,000 given to him by the County Council for community projects on delivering code and other creative clubs to libraries and primary schools in the region.

Alan Rhode’s responded today:

“Hello Mark and thank you for your e-mail and the information about what is happening in Rotherham schools in respect of ICT.

I will take the opportunity of sharing your e-mail with senior officers in Childrens Services at Nottinghamshire County Council in order that I might have a discussion with them about the content of your correspondence and how this programme may be adopted by ourselves.

I look forward to contacting you again in due course.

Best regards


Though the e-mail mentions my efforts in “ICT” in Rotherham, I can overlook the misunderstanding in light of the exceptionally fast response and positive statement.

I hope for further positive correspondence from Mr Rhodes after he has discussed the matter with Chlidrens Services.


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