The paralysis of County Councillor Rhodes on Next Gen skills

I was getting a little frustrated that time ticks on with my enquiry to the use of Cllr Rhode’s funds in setting up Code Clubs or supporting creative digital projects in schools across the Bassetlaw and wider regions.

For those interested, the original letter is here.

I’ve asked John Mann MP for an update (no response), requested help from Theo Blackwell (limited) and received the following from Cllr Rhodes:

“I have no update to offer currently. I asked officers to look into your proposals and to come up with recommendations.

Unfortunately we are currently in an election period which can be rather disruptive to normal business.

Following elections next Thursday if I am re-elected, I will certainly progress the important issue of digital literacy across the county.

Please accept my apologies for the unacceptable length of time that this is taking.”

So, in essence all council activity stops whilst those in power attempt to stay in power without attending to the needs of council tax payers. I would challenge Cllr Rhodes to consider that maintaining effective “normal business” is all a council would need to do in order to be re-elected, and that he doesn’t have to apologise to me; but he does to the thousands of kids that continue to leave local schools heading straight for the dole queue.

But, I digress – I responded:

“It is interesting that in the council’s own newspaper, and in the Labour election material that has been pushed through my door they both speak of “a new strategy to help more young people into work” and a “top priority” of “Jobs, Skills and Training”.

I hope this manifests into action.”

Cllr Rhodes concluded:

“Many thanks Mark, a good point well made.”

I’ll let you decide whether giving young people skills for employment is priority in Nottinghamshire council, or whether this is another case of lip service.


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