Book giveaway! Computer Adventures – The Secret Art!

Do you love text adventures? Looking for a way of using them and other interactive fiction in the classroom? Well, I’ve a fantastic book to give-away ….

After a slight misunderstanding it seems Mrs H and I have bought the only two copies that are available (at the present time via Amazon/eBay) of a lovely book, written in 1990 by Gilbert WIlliamson.

Computer Adventures – The Secret Art describes in fascinating detail the techniques to writing adventure games.

Computer Adventures - The Secret Art
Computer Adventures – The Secret Art

At the time it was probably 5 years too late – the zenith of text adventuring had just passed with the demise of British magicians Magnetic Scrolls (Guild of Thieves, The Pawn, Fish!, Jinxter, etc) and Level 9 (Scapeghost, Snowball, Red Moon, etc) and the US giants Infocom (Zork, Deadline, etc). But now, with tools available such as Inkle Writer, Inform and Quest there’s never been a better time (since 1987) to get into creating text adventures/interactive fiction or encouraging it as part of English, IT, Enrichment or an after-school club. Everything is covered in the book from background themes to plots to characters and developing your own engine.

So, to win a copy of the book all I want you to do is to leave me a comment stating your favourite ever text adventure game and why. I’ll pick one in a short while and contact the author for postage information!

Good luck adventurer!



  1. All of the games from Scott Adams are my favorite one like Adventureland. The engine was unique because the interface makes the player feels that the words are the actual objects (the appear or dissapeared from screen depending if you pick it up or drop!), and the story even with very few words was really fun and magical!

    Man, Iā€™d love to win! šŸ™‚

  2. I was really fond of a text adventure on the ZX Spectrum called Seabase Delta, I think I even actually completed it! The other one that I remember was the Hobbit, having read Tolkeins books as a kid I was really into anything about Middle Earth. Sadly I was rubbish at it and kept getting lost in a foggy boggy swamp! Seem to remember killing my Hobbits by eating salt too! :s

  3. My favourite text adventure was Circus on the Commodore 16. I used to rush home from school to play but never completed it or ever tracked down the clown who kept running off into the darkness.

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