Super Learning Day – Resources Free to Download

The resources for Super Learning Day are complete.

I agreed with Kevin Grand of Sir Thomas Wharton Community College from the outset that the resources would be made freely available to all and sundry under a Creative Commons licence.

A ZIP file, about 200mb in size, containing everything in the pack is here:

If you want to run a few sessions (maybe enrichment or after-school clubs) at your own school, or perhaps emulate STW and run a complete day for pupils then feel free to pick, pull, copy, tweak and use any of the source material as you see fit.

Included are 7 comprehensive lesson plans, covering Characters & Storytelling (English & Art), Gameplay (Computing, IT, Art), Marketing (Business, IT), Mechanics and Platforms and Controls (IT, Computing). There are also plans covering Fairtrade & Ethical Business (the theme of SLD) and an independent Teacher’s Guide to Sweatshop – the “serious” game about factory conditions. Each lesson has accompanying worksheets, powerpoint presentations, video and relevant resource linking to the web. The lesson plans pull together a range of skills, understanding and abilities for the students to complete a Game Design Document that can be evaluated as part of a competition.

The one or two activities included in each category can be extended with a plethora of “more things to do”. These develop and evolve the base work that each lesson produces in a wider scope – for example taking a character design on paper and challenging the students to “make” a physical version of the avatar using available craft materials, be it Lego, Clay, Plastercine or a Cup Cake!

It weighs in at about 100 pages of “stuff”. I’d be delighted to receive feedback if anyone does use the material to be able to refine and tweak the contents to what does and doesn’t work over time.

Massive thanks go to Dr. Jo Twist of UKIE, Darren Garrett of Littleloud, Andy Payne of Mastertronic and Lee Kirton of Namco-Bandai. Portions of the lesson plans are also based upon the activities from the BAFTA Young Game Designers resources.

All of the documents are released under a Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial 3.0 Unported licence and should be used as per the guidelines.


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