Do the little people matter?

Once again I am trying to get coding into the spotlight in my own region. I have written several times to Labour’s John Mann MP and councillor Alan Rhodes. Unfortunately John Mann is far too preoccupied with commenting and getting involved with big issues that get him onto TV and into the media rather than issues that effect the everyday lives of people that work (or don’t work as the high youth employment statistics hint) in Worksop. Alan Rhodes promised to look into it, and when challenged on his election manifesto (“a new strategy to help more young people into work”) laughed off the issue.

Do the issues of the little people matter? I at least put my money where my mouth is and offered EIGHT months ago to my daughter’s primary school to run a Code Club, and also offered to run session for her teachers. I owe it to my daughter to keep trying to get something happening locally, so I’m writing again …

Let’s start with the recently elected County Counciller:


Congratulations on your recent election victory. I presume that all has settled now and you may be able to devote more time into looking at the use of funds for Code Clubs or Digital Literacy initatives throughout our region?

I suspect that your Corporate Director of Children’s Services is aware that the last draft education curriculum for 2014 was published this week:

If you read what is expected at Key Stages 1 and 2 in IT/Computing and compare it to what is being delivered then it  should come as a worry. Schools have just over a year to train teachers and prepare for what is required.

Just today, Camden Council announced that they are taking the initiative and starting Code Clubs across their primaries:

I hope that Nottinghamshire CC will follow their lead, perhaps at least spending some of the Division Funds in piloting a scheme?

Again, I’m sorry to be such a nuisance on this issue, but we are already falling behind many other countries in developing a high-tech workforce, and with industry and the economy crying out for engineers and skilled ICT professionals (especially programmers) we need to act.

For your information I did also write to the Headteacher at Ramsden Primary School in November 2012 offering to run Code Clubs for her school and to provide training to her staff.




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