IT Support – a force for good or bad?

Did anyone catch the start of Dave Gorman’s new TV show on Dave – Modern Life is Good(ish)? Its a similar vehicle and format to another staple Dave show – Russell Howard’s Good news, in that it’s a smattering of stuff and clips from the web overlaid with comedic interpositions.

I got bored after 10 minutes, but the opening salvo about the website did strike a chord with handling IT support calls at a secondary school on a daily basis. Gorman pointed out several “questions” posted on where the poster was obviously completely oblivious to the world around them – starting with the simplicity (or so we thought) or typing your search term into google. An question “how many days in a leap year?” for example was answered in the first result of a google query for “leap year”.

The comparative IT support request here would be “my sound doesn’t work”, only to head to the classroom and find that the speakers are switched off. Its obviously easy to post a question to, or an IT support request than it is to investigate and attempt to solve the quandary yourself. Does having on-site IT support make it too easy just to hit the “request” button and then await the Calvary?

Probably so, but then it also keeps companies such as KnowHow and support at PC World in business when the TV goes off at home, or when the HDMI cable falls out ….


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