Games Britannia Live 2014 – Get Involved!

I’ve been dropping a few hints here and there on twitter, but I can officially announce with kind permission from Sheffield Hallam University, and festival director Jake Habgood I’ve been allowed to get up to mischief as part of Games Britannia in 2014. I really enjoyed the public element to GB in 2012 and have been itching to venture back into that space ever since. With Jake’s blessing I’ve been pondering how it could be done for the past few months.

At the heart of a potential Games Britannia Live event are the public spaces owned and operated by Hallam and Sheffield City Council. Most of the city’s high-engagement events are usually hosted at the prestigious Winter Gardens, or in the periphery of the Peace Gardens and Tudor Square. So before I could even progress the ideas it was essential to get the support of Sheffield City Council and their events team. Today I’ve managed to do that. Thanks to Meg Munn MP, and the enthusiasm from the Sheffield events team of Lesley Webster and Richard Eyre I’ve got the go-ahead to develop a “live” strand to GB in 2014. In fact, Lesley and Richard offered to support GB with any public space that was available we’d like to use. Utterly brilliant.

I really want to run over a weekend, preferably at the same time as the schools workshops (still hosted and managed by Jake) and it would be very fitting to be part of Sheffield’s own Children’s Festival too. I’ve a rough idea of what shape I’d like the event to take, but I’d really love to hear from anyone who feels that they could contribute, have ideas, run something, chuck a few quid into the pot or get involved in making GB2014 something special. The Winter Gardens is such an iconic central location – and the opportunity to engage with kids, families and adults alike is not one to be missed.

I’ve already knocked on a lot of friends’ doors, who have lent their time and expertise into making Games Britannia what it is today, and I’ll be hassling a few more over the next couple of days but I’d love to hear from anyone who can help.

Please get in touch!



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