A Code Club Update

Following the marvellous news from Cllr Alan Rhodes about his willingness to support Code Clubs in the Worksop and Bassetlaw areas my quest moves onwards.

From November I will be delivering the first Code Club in Ramsden Primary School, where both my daughters are attending. It seems the magic of programming hasn’t quite reached our part of the world yet as there are only 2 schools in the area activity looking for volunteers, with the other 38 are unaware of the potential. My club at Ramsden will be the first to be delivered at a primary school in Worksop.

Unfortunately I can’t deliver something into all of them, and only one other volunteer exists on the Code Club database. It would be a shame to miss the chance to have the Councillor’s support and not make schools aware of the opportunity. So, over the coming weeks I have a meeting with Leanne Brunt and Keith Turner at North Nottinghamshire College hoping that the faculty will be able to provide a little outreach work and get into local schools. On top of that, I’m approaching Noelle Barron the extended services co-ordinator for the Worksop family of schools and making her aware of the offer. This may also give me the chance to attend one of their termly meetings and talk about how great it would be for them to run a Code Club too. In reality though, it should be on the radar for all schools because of the curriculum change in 2014 – a point that I will emphasise!

I’m really looking to getting the “club” started – though it will be delivered during normal school hours because of the staff shortage for after-school provision at Ramsden. It’ll give me a great opportunity to get hands-on with delivering coding to kids again, and I’m sure will further fire my passion and excitement to making Games Britannia Live in 2014 as amazing as possible.

QUICK UPDATE: Through the wonders of Twitter I now have a meeting with Ian Campbell the District & County Councillor for Retford. Hopefully Ian will be positive about engaging with Cllr Rhodes and John Mann MP about pushing this initiative.


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