More Artwork – Escape From Pulsar 7 and Reckless Rufus.

I love old box artwork. It’s a thing of beauty that we have sadly lost to bland photo-realistic work of the present, and to be forgotten in the digital-download only future.

Here’s my recreation of Escape From Pulsar 7:

Escape From Pulsar 7 (Final Comparison)

Pretty neat. I could spend more time on the corridor to match some of the detailing, but the man-at-arms is the most important element of the image. I really like the Channel 8 art, and I hope to do more soon – after I’ve bought the games of course – it’s only fair.

Here’s Reckless Rufus, which was requested by Mike Berry (@michaelberry) after seeing the Escape artwork on Twitter:

Reckless Rufus (Comparison)

It contained a lot of detail and I was interested to why Mike wanted the artwork to be redrawn – I didn’t recognise the game and from the “YS Megagame” label it seemed to come late in the 8-bit era. Well, the reason, and it’s a good one at that, is that Mike is the author of Rufus – so it was a pleasure to put plenty of time into the work and satisfying that Mike was delighted with the results.

I’m now looking  forward to seeing a framed print!


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