Five conclusions from @GA_MA_YO #6

1. Andrew Crawshaw should be congratulated.

From personal experience I know how hard it is to maintain a full-time job, family life and put time and commitment into something else that requires a lot of organisation and hard work to get off the ground and maintain. The attendance and vibe around last night’s event is testament to Andrew’s vision and dedication. “If you build it, they will come”.

2. Yorkshire has a large, youthful and vibrant development community

I met some amazingly talented people last night with some incredible and diverse projects. Loads and loads of 20 and 30 somethings (and some a little older than that) piling their energy, enthusiasm and imagination into their art and embracing their community.

3. Yorkshire needs a Games-dedicated incubation and start-up project.

The massive talent we have needs nurturing and directing, and what better way than to develop the region’s first dedicated incubator or accelerator programme? Provide the indies with capital, mentoring and the environment they need to build and grow their own businesses and bring their talents to market.

4. We need more diversity

Goes without saying. With so many people working hard towards this it will change.

5. Positron, Gang Beasts and Zombie Piranha should be hits.

Martin Caine’s eagerly awaiting tron-inspired lightcycle game, Ric Lumb’s perfect mobile, single-tap runner and Sheffield’s own Boneloafery Gang Beasts multi-player, collaborative sock-em-up, last-man-standing games were all excellent – and I’ll be grabbing a copy of each.




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