Have a very sleazy 40th birthday, Mark

This weekend heralded in the 40th birthday of one of my dearest friends.

We have known each other since being 4 years of age, and have been together throughout the various levels of schooling, University, adult-hood, marriage-hood and now parent-hood. Middle-age is our next path.

We spent many a teenage The Big Sleaze (Final - Comparison)year crouched over our various incarnations of Spectrum, from the 48K to my +2 and Mark’s lightgun equipped +2A. One of our all-time favourite games was (and still is) The Big Sleaze by Fergus McNeil (@fergusmcneill). We had hours of fun attempting to solve the game, and was probably one of the few adventures we actually completed.

So, for Mark’s birthday I large-scale printed and framed the recent vector graphic version of the Sleaze game artwork I’d re-created (above). It looked great in a big frame, and on the back I added my own personalised version (Fergus has nothing to worry about) of the game introduction. C64 graphics and font, of course.Untitled-1 copy

Having been the very grateful recipient of a signed copy of Fergus’ new book, Eye Contact I asked the great man whether he could perhaps pen a quick ditty to my friend to celebrate the occasion.

Fergus again delivered beyond my expectations, a note from Sam Spillade the protagonist in the Big Sleaze. I’m very grateful to Fergus again for his generosity and I know that it made the present extra-special for my friend.




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