Gig in the Garden & From Bedroom to Billions tickets – available now … and free!

We’re 6 weeks away from Games Britannia Live! – it’s about time things started to happen!


Thanks to Rob Barker we have a fantastic new series of podcasts with venerable  members of the Sheffield and Yorkshire game development community. First-up is Steve Lycett, Executive Producer at Sumo Digital and a long-standing friend of the festival. Listen to the very funny, non-swearing and very interesting podcast here:

From Bedrooms to Billions and Gig in the Garden

Tickets to our two very special events on the Saturday of Games Britannia Live! are now available (and FREE!) – grab them from the Live! website.

Thanks to Jamie Salmon (aka The Curious Machine) who has worked exceptionally hard to bring together a fantastic line-up for the Gig – including himself, Harley Likes Music, Equinoxe, Arctic Sunrise, Paul Soulsby and Paul Taylor.

And finally thanks to Anthony and Nicola Caulfield of Gracious Films, and the Showroom Cinema for allowing us a very special screening of From Bedrooms.

Find out more about both events here:


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