A Gremlin in the Works – March Update (Spell Checked version)

Welcome! Let me first say a big thank you for showing interest in the book! Gremlin Graphics is very dear to my heart, it’s a story that needs to be told and I’m delighted that others feel the same way! So, a quick first update on the progress of the book and a few words on publication:

The book currently weighs in at around 500 pages with contributions from around 70 people to date. It runs year-by-year and features a more in-depth look at some of the more iconic and best remembered Gremlin games – more in-depth I hope than has ever been covered before in the gaming press. Alongside the Gremlin history I’m including biographies and interviews of other games companies in and around Sheffield and companies that would emerge from the development talent that was related to, and was formed from Gremlin throughout the years: For example Alligata, Dollarsoft, SpecSoft, Magnetic Fields and Particle Systems to name but a few.

I’m confident that the book will be in a rough final state in the summer as I’m well into the 1990s with interviews. This week if you’re interested I’ve either met with, or received written interviews from Glyn Williams of Particle Systems and Argonaut Sheffield (Independence War), Les Spink (Artist), George Allan (Zool) and I’m delighted to say that I’ve secured perhaps only the second-ever interview with Chris Kerry.

As for publication, as of yet I’m undecided. Kickstarter seems the logical process to cover what would be printing and postage costs, and I could offer some great perks including postcards, posters, signed memorabilia and the like. What I am wary of is that there is an art to Kickstarter and thus I’ll look at how other people have succeeded closer to the time. At the very least the risk from such a campaign would be minimal to any backers as the book would be just about ready to go, apart from perhaps obtaining the services of a decent editor.

Please keep up-to-date with the books progress via @hardistymark on Twitter, and if you have any comments or are interested in specifics that will be in the books – favourite games, etc then I’d be happy to field any questions on Twitter or e-mail mark@agremlinintheworks.co.uk

So, thanks again for your support – it’s much appreciated and if you can, please promote the book to as many people as possible to sign-up for future updates and I can start to really gauge the populatiry of the project.




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