A Gremlin in the Works – June Update


I have made a decision to aim for mid-June as the cut-off point for accepting any further contributions and interviews, though I suspect I may have to bend the timeline somewhat to accommodate a postponed interview with Carl Cavers at Sumo Digital. I’ve arranged a chat with a potential editor so that will hopefully lead to the book being put into a decent enough shape to think of the next step. We are still on course for looking towards publication over the summer.

So, the latest interviews and contributors to the book are:

Jenny Richards-Stewart, CentreSoft, CEO
Andy Findlay, Warp Factory, Actua Soccer (2nd Interview)
Lizzi Attwood, Particle Systems
Chris Kerry, Thor, Monty, Avenger (2nd Interview)
Chris Stamp, DMA Design, Wild Metal Country
Peter Harrap, Monty (3rd Interview)
Chris Box, Particle Systems
Sarah Bennett, Localisation Project Manager
Mark Rogers, Micro Projects Limited, Ocean America (2nd Interview)
Phil Plunkett, Gremlin Ireland, 2nd Interview
Mike Dailly, DMA Design

I’ve also added some pages of concept artwork on the book spreads on the website. Take a look!

Please keep up-to-date with the books progress via @hardistymark on Twitter, and if you have any comments or are interested in specifics that will be in the books – favourite games, etc then I’d be happy to field any questions on Twitter or e-mail mark@agremlinintheworks.co.uk


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