A Gremlin in the Works – The Big Cheese Update

Good evening and welcome to the Big Cheese update! I know a few people have questioned the gestation period for the book and ask when it is ready; the answer is that so far I’ve thrown just over a year of my life into the project and I set myself the goal of being as thorough as possible in my research and as ambitious as possible in terms of who I wanted to contribute. This has taken time. Time to gain the trust of several key players in the story, and time to wait for them to be available to talk. Remember that the majority are still within the industry doing great things and thus free time is at a premium for them. I’m down to the last physical face-to-face interview that will talk place next week. After that it’s down to getting the good stuff into the book and letting the editor make it even better.

With good stuff and big cheeses in mind, I’m absolutely delighted to say that I’ve been able to gain two very exclusive interviews with two huge names in the business – one those with the key to the entire British games industry in the late 90s and early 2000s:

Bruno Bonnell, CEO Infogrames/Atari
James North-Hearn, Imagitec, Gremlin, Sumo, Foundation 9

I’ve also managed to squeeze a final interview with the man who continues to inspire me, bringing the story right up until the present day:

Ian Stewart, Gremlin, Urbanscan

I also have several additions that give the book perhaps the most in-depth insight into the DMA connection, key titles and technologies of the 90s and the much hyped and unreleased Playstation 2 mega-game EXO:

Steve Hammond, DMA Design
Chris Box, Particle / Argonaut Sheffield
Peter Andrew Jones, Solarwinds, PAJ Studios 
Tony Crowther (2nd Interview), Alligata, Gremlin – and a million other companies!
Tony Casson, Producer, Gremlin, EA, Sumo 
Ian Richardson, Marketing & PR

Please keep up-to-date with the books progress via @hardistymark on Twitter, and if you have any comments or are interested in specifics that will be in the books – favourite games, etc then I’d be happy to field any questions on Twitter or e-mail mark@agremlinintheworks.co.uk

So, thanks again for your support – it’s much appreciated and if you can, please continue to promote the book to as many people as possible to sign-up for future updates and I can continue to gauge the popularity of the project.




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