A Gremlin in the Works – The Deadline Looms!

So, the deadline that I set myself to complete the book looms large. The good news is that I have completed all of the interviews that I hoped to include covering the Gremlin story from the many sides and facets that it encounters on the way. Through its twists and turns we have strong voices from the key protagonists in Gremlin and US Gold, and from the dastardly French in Infogrames.

Since the previous update I have been fortunate enough to talk to the two people who are most responsible for the Gremlin story post the Infogrames takeover:

James North-Hearn, Imagitec, Gremlin, Sumo, Foundation 9 (2nd Interview)
Carl Cavers, Gremlin, Sumo Digital

I’ve also been given use of several unseen pieces of artwork from legendary Sheffield design agency The Designers Republic – probably more familiar to you for their iconic work on the Playstation title Wipeout.

I’m now in the progress of getting the final text into the book and you’ll be pleased to know that Ian has contributed his “welcome” piece and that the first two chapters have already been edited by EDGE and NGamer magazine’s Mark Green. So, we are on target-ish depending on your definition of summer.

It’s now super-important that the book is pushed far and wide to gain as much momentum ahead of a potential Kickstarter towards the Autumn. I’m on holiday for a few weeks so expect a little radio-silence on @hardistymark. As usual if you have any comments or are interested in specifics that will be in the books – favourite games, etc then I’d be happy to field any questions on Twitter or e-mail mark@agremlinintheworks.co.uk

So, thanks again for your support – it’s much appreciated.

Have a great summer



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