A Gremlin in the Works – Into the home straight …


You’ll be pleased to hear that the book is 99.99% complete. I still have a few outstanding interviews, photos and bits and pieces, and people that I’d still love to contribute but I think it’s time to try and move the project forward and get thing into your hands!

I’ve spoken at lengths with Mark Green and he will begin the editing process in earnest this week and it should take roughly around four weeks. I have also made tentative enquiries with a potential publisher and hopefully I may be able to speak more about this very soon – if I have an idea of when I can take the book to be made into a physical “thing”.

So, once again I thank you for your patience. We are almost there. Keep up-to-date with me on Twitter at @hardistymark and as usual if you have any comments or are interested in specifics that will be in the books – favourite games, etc then I’d be happy to field any questions on Twitter or e-mail mark@agremlinintheworks.co.uk

So, thanks again for your support – it’s much appreciated.

Enjoy the remainder of the summer.



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