A Gremlin in the Works – ALMOST THERE!


We are now in the home straight for the book. Mark Green has worked tirelessly to edit the initial draft down from almost 500,000 words into a coherent narrative for print.

I’ve worked with Sam over the last couple of weeks to put together a few great perks that will be available to purchase along with the book. Speaking of which, Sam’s publishing empire, Bitmap Books has created a lovely homepage for A Gremlin in the Works:


Sam has also worked tirelessly to move the design of the book onwards whilst juggling additions to his family, his catalogue, his ZX Spectrum book (looks ace BTW).

So, as the last teaser here is a video showing a print of the first HALF of the book, 1983 – 1989. Hope you like what you see – there are plenty of reveals in this short video:


As usual on Twitter @hardistymark and am always happy to reply to any questions via Twitter or e-mail mark@agremlinintheworks.co.uk




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