A Gremlin in the Works – Advance Copies

Hot on the heels of the running sheet news I received an email late last night from Sam Dyer, uber-design guru at Bitmap Books. Sam sent me images of the advance copies of “A Gremlin in the Works” he had received from the printer.

They are jaw-dropping.

Credit must go to Sam himself, who took my initial “robust” ideas for the outer packaging for the book and came up with the slipcase idea that he’s so successfully used in his range of retrogame-themed books.

Credit must also go to Ric Lumb who allowed me to use his recreated Zool and Gremlin logo artwork within the book. This saved me a massive amount of time, and looks fabulous – Ric is such a great chap, and such a talented artist.

Finally we worked hard alongside the meticulous Mark Green to balance the content into two volumes – something that was vital to keep the cost of the product down, and allow the quality and finish of the book that Sam wanted. It would have been impossible if it remained at a single volume, 572 page tome.

Anyway, I can’t wait to get hold of the final thing! As I tweeted earlier in the week; I’ve never been so excited since receiving my Acorn Electron at Christmas in 1984.




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  1. Reblogged this on Cartoons by Ric and commented:
    Thanks for the shout out Mark! Glad to have helped out in any small way and really looking forward to reading the book! 😀 Looks like you’ve done an amazing job and hope it’s a massive success after all the time and effort you’ve put in! I’m sure it will be! 😉

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