More time with Circle with Disney (@meetcircle)

It’s been around two weeks since I installed a Circle with Disney device at home and so far it has been a flawless experience.]


I’ve done a few more tests of the kids filtering, and have made use of the pause button as a bargaining chip with two unruly daughters!


Of course, no filtering is 100% perfect, but so far, so good with Circle. All of the terms I tried under pornography, drugs and violence were blocked. As you can see from the above device test, a filter page appears when accessing a restricted website. The filter restrictions are in conjunction with the Circle working well to enforce Google Safe Searching at all times. Great stuff.

Technical Support

I’ve contacted technical support a couple of times via Twitter and e-mail and have received prompt replies both times. At the moment I’m awaiting a more in-depth look at how the filtering works on the device and what lists/algorithms the device pulls from. I’ll post that once I get a reply.

In the meantime, more information on the filter levels can be found here, and how to set custom filtering on websites and mobile apps here. You can gradually adjust and tweak the filters as you see fit.

EDIT (24/12/2016) I received an update from Circle about their filtering databases: “‘We work with third parties for part of our filtering database, and we modify what we have for our own purposed on a case-by-case basis. This is especially true for the platform filtering.’“.

Feature Requests

There area¬† few things I’d like to see implemented.

  1. Warnings 1: Though I accessed a restricted website on one device I couldn’t find a warning to the main Circle hub that I’d done so? Perhaps enabling push notifications, a red warning icon on the profile avatar on the home page, or perhaps at least a red highlight on the “insights” history page. (NB Filtered pages are shown in a useful “filtered” view on the history page).
  2. Warnings 2: Perhaps even move the “filtered” pages to become a separate option on its own under insights. I’m sure this would be very useful for parents to analyse what has been going on? If Circle can further categorise each website it would make for a more clearer, concise and simple way of browsing links – rather than the website URL or IP.
  3. Insights per device as well as per profile: Very useful to attain which device is which on a network, and what guests are up to with the devices they bring. It may also be useful in spotting rogue devices on the network.
  4. Filter screen: It would be useful to tell whoever triggered the filter to why they have been filtered.



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  1. Not sure if you have noticed but google safe search can be bypassed by just turning it off in the browser. Since google does all their search via https now this would require https inspection and trusted certs to be installed on all devices. This is a issue I am fighting with using circle.

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