“Germans of future generations will honour Herr Hitler as a genius” -Mahatma Gandhi

Some intriguing excepts from Blood, Tears and Folly authored by Len Deighton that I am currently reading. The book delivers thought-provoking opinions laying the appeasement blame on French officer Gamelin instead of British PM Chamberlain and is highly critical of the BEF’s actions on the continent.

For the excepts, read as follows, lain as German troops swept westward across Europe:

“… in the Indian newspaper Harijan on 22 June, Mahatma Gandhi wrote ‘Germans of future generations will honour Herr Hitler as a genius, as a brave man, a matchless organiser and much more.”

“The democratically elected government of Denmark, which the Germans had kept in place, allowed gratitude to overcome its respect for democracy and announced: ‘The great German victories, which have caused astonishment and admiration all over the world, have brought a new era in Europe, which will result in a new order in a political and economic sense, under the Leadership of Germany.'”

“The Aga Khan cast aside his feelings about alcohol and promised to drink a bottle of champagne ‘when the Fuhrer sleeps in Windsor Castle.'”


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