A Gremlin in the Works – Expansion Disk Contributors

“A Gremlin in the Works”, published by Bitmap Books has what I believe to be the most comprehensive list of contributors to the Gremlin Graphics story than ever before.

The list includes many key personalities that have never been interviewed before or talked Gremlin before, including Kevin Norburn, Chris Kerry, Jenny Richards and Bruno Bonnell.

After publication of the hardback, I have continued to collect resources and to interview more former employees of the great company when the opportunity arose. These interviews are being collected in The Expansion Disk – an electronic addendum, free to all of those who purchased the original hardback.

The Expansion Disk

Steve Marsden (Gremlin Lincoln)
David Martin (Licensing Director)
Mark Gallagher (The Warp Factory)
Ed Campbell (The Warp Factory)
Stuart Cook (Twilight Software)
Andy Payne OBE (Mastertronic, The Producers)
Alex Syrichas (Programmer)
Glyn Williams (Particle Systems)
David Bracher (Artist)
Graeme Ing (Programmer)
David Palmer (Alligata, Alternative, Hi-Tec)
Peter Frith (Alligata)
Fabio Capone (NAPS Team)
Domenico Barba
(NAPS Team)
Lance Abson (Imagitec)
Neil Goodman (Programmer)
Steve McKevitt (Marketing and PR)
Paul Porter (Core Technology Lead)
Ritchie Brannan (Programmer)
Ciaran Gultnieks (Programmer)

Along with the contributors to the print version:

The founding fathers

Kevin Norburn
Ian Stewart

Monty Moles

Antony Crowther
Peter Harrap
Shaun Hollingworth
Chris Kerry

The Gremlins

George Allan
Ashley Bennett
Sarah Bennett
Neil Biggin
Paul Blythe
Steve Camber
Adrian Carless
Tony Casson
Carl Cavers
Joe Chetcuti
Richard Costello
Ben Daglish
Colin “Fungus T. Bogeyman” Dooley
Andrew Findlay
Andrew Fox
Stuart Gregg
Jacob Habgood
Jeremy Heath-Smith
Tim Heaton
Damian Hibbard
Paul Hiley
Greg Holmes
Tony Kavanagh
David Kirk
Wayne Laybourn
Steve Lycett
Ricki Martin
James North-Hearn
Jason Perkins
Pat Phelan
Simon Phipps
Phil Plunkett
Jenny Richards
Ian Richardson
Mark Rogers
Christian Shrigley
Les Spink
Richard Stevenson
Patrick Strassen
Tony Wills
Phil Wright

Micro Projects

Anthony Clarke

Magnetic Fields

Andrew Morris
Shaun Southern


Philip Durbidge

Camel Advertising

Richard Bridgwater

Wizard Development

Malcolm Gillott


Peter Frith

Krisalis Software

Matthew Furniss

U.S. Gold

Geoff Brown
Tim Chaney

Micro Power

Christopher Payne


Rod Cousens CBE
David Rowe

DMA Design

Mike Dailly
Steve Hammond
Gary Penn
Chris Stamp


Barry Leitch

Astros Productions

George Karboulonis

Boys Without Brains

Mario van Zeist


Antal Zolnai

Newsfield Publications

Roger Kean


Bruno Bonnell
Sean Millard


Lizi Attwood
Peter Andrew Jones
Violet Berlin
Chris Box
Matthew Clark
Will Frost
Simon Hallam
Ian Harling
Patrick Titley
Andy Turner
Glyn Williams

With thanks

Chris Ash
Jonathan Beales
Andy Brown
Martyn Carroll
Anthony and Nicola Caulfield
Charles Cecil MBE
John Darnell
Mat Dolphin
Sam Dyer
Frank Gasking
Mark Green
Ric Lumb
Simon Marston
Dave Moore
Jason Moore
Paul Morrison
Jonathan Needle
Andy Payne OBE
Gordon Sinclair
Gerard Sweeney


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