Time to close the book on A Gremlin in the Works.

After 3+ years, 770 pages, 103 contributors, oodles of new artwork and countless featured games it’s time to close the book on A Gremlin in the Works.

The original book was published back in May 2016. Since then I have been picking up various bits from the cutting-room floor and conducting new interviews to bring additional content to the digital Expansion Disk. In 18 months I’ve added over 200 pages of new material, with contributions from over 20 protagonists.

I’ve now decided that the DLC that will be sent out in December 2017 will be the final chapter. It’s sad, but time to move onto other projects – finding a more permanent home to the growing catalogue of Gremlin memorabilia and historical artefacts that I own and to put some time into another book idea – INLAY.

I’m hugely grateful to Ian Stewart and the rest of the Gremlins for their support, Sam Dyer for putting his faith and the backing of Bitmap Books into the project, and to Mark Green who spent countless hours making sense of my words.

I’m also humbled by everyone that has bought the book, have left reviews, and in general have said some very kind words about it.

Thank you.




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