QuarkXPress to Blurb (Tradebook)

I have covered designing a Blurb 25x20cm Landscape Photobook in QuarkXPress and getting the required PDF through preflight checks here:


Here is an updated Landscape Photobook template:


I’ve now started another project, INLAY that uses another one of Blurb’s book styles, the Trade Book.

Here is a link to an empty Quark 2015 template that matches the required Tradebook sizing, margins, two columns and a couple of pages to get you started.


As usual, it may contain some meta-data that can be cleared up and edited before use. If required, update the Master layout to move guides and adjust column sizings. The margins are set to be the same all around – even though top/bottom/outside do have smaller safe boundaries than the binding edge.


So, an update on the steps to export for Blurb Pre-flight:

File > Export > Layout as PDF

Change PDF Style to PDF/X-3:2002

Click Options

Pages > Include Blank Pages (tick if your project has pages that are intentionally blank)

Colour > Setup > Composite CMYK and Spot

Marks > Registration Marks Options  > Mode > Off

Bleed > Symmetry > Amount > 0mm

If you have included images in your work, then use the Compression settings to adjust the final output quality. They shouldn’t really be compressed at all for print.

Compression > None

And that’s it. The exported PDF should pass preflight checks.

Good luck.








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