Year++; // Plans for 2018

What are your New Year Resolutions? Or do you make New Year Targets?

Mine are ….

Lose Weight

The obligatory post. If someone can hypnotise me into despising crisps I may have a chance.

Find The Gremlin Archive A Permanent Home

I brought the curtain down on A Gremlin in the Works at the end of last year. I then started the conversation with The NVA and Museums Sheffield to find a permanent home for the Gremlin/Sheffield paraphernalia that I’ve amassed during the many years of research.

I hope this will lead to an actual collection, a physical thing that can be referenced, contributed to, searched and borrowed by other museums and the like. Maybe the Monty Mole cassettes may get wheeled out into one of the Sheffield Museums every now and again for folk to look at.

Write A Text Adventure

My first forays into programming were with an Acorn Electron using BASIC to code my own version of Ian Livingstone’s Warlock of Firetop Mountain. Since then I’ve been an avid fan of the medium, and have always wanted to get into writing adventures. In my teens I could never get my head around a copy of The Quill (I owned a copy without instructions – sorry Tim) and couldn’t afford a copy of The Professional Adventure Writer. But now, older and wiser (ish), I’m going to give it another go.





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